Friday, January 29, 2010

Impossible Puzzles

O.k.... It's the end of January.....It's cold, it's too early to do anything but daydream about gardening, and my head is foggy from too much sugar, carbs and COLD!  How about you?
I got the bug to pick up a puzzle over the holiday break thinking it would be fun to spread  it out on the end of the dining room table and see if I could draw any one  away from their " screens" for a little old fashioned quality puzzle time together. You see, we aren't really puzzle people...

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Lady Joy~

Well, here I am burning the midnight oil Christmas Eve~  I decided to paint a chair for my mom as my hand-made gift to her this year. I had a " lady in waiting" that was just right for my project. This chair had been painted white and the seat cushion was very tattered. The poor thing was  just crying out for some LOVE! Now, this chair had to be something special. Nothing plain or simple would do.
My mom's a pretty spicey gal with lot's of kick!

She LOVES LOVES LOVES fall and ALL things that sparkle.  

Friday, January 8, 2010

In the Studio with ARTIST Kendra D'Angora

Luck was in our favor when we met our Guest Artist of the month Kendra D' Angora a few years ago at our Local Community Arts Center in Plymouth, MA. I was looking for quality art classes for our two home schooled children and that is exactly what we found  and more with Kendra. She offered a varied array of art mediums, tools and projects for her " aspiring art students" with a bit of Art History on the side!
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