Friday, July 8, 2016

What Every Bride Should Know About Choosing Local Flowers

My sweet husband and I will celebrate our 25th Wedding Anniversary this year ( I still can't believe it's been that long). Every time I meet with a new wedding client I can't help but be transported back to our wedding day and all the planning we did to create a special day for ourselves and our guests. We chose a small country venue for our old-fashioned Vintage Victorian theme ( who knew we were ahead of the trend by about 25 years? ) If I was wearing a flower crown instead of a wide brimmed hat I just might pass for a modern vintage bride today. The roses for my bouquet were local ( but most likely not in season in September) but I do recall having simple small wild flower arrangements on the banquet tables.

Happily Married me! (circa 1991)
 The 2016 Wedding season is here and locally sourced wedding flowers are more popular than ever before. Whether you're going the DIY rt.or having your flowers designed by a farmer/florist there are a few things you should know about choosing local flowers for your wedding day.  

  • I  recommend an in-person or at a minimum a phone consultation to find out what kind of farm/garden or other local sources your flowers will be coming from. This is also the best time for the farmer/florist to get to know you and find out about your venue, wedding theme, the types of flowers you would like as well as any personal details in the wedding flowers you wish to include. 

  • Local and seasonal flowers aren't always cheaper than imports. When comparing costs, remember that your local farmer/florist has been married ( so to speak) to your flowers since the day they placed their first corm/seed and tuber order for the season. From that moment on they are committed to bringing you fresh, lush and vibrant blooms for your special day. Local flowers are almost always 100% sustainably grown and have been given lots of TLC before they come to you, so they come with love and beauty.

  •  Seasonal flowers means, just that, seasonal. June, July, August and September are brimming with beautiful blooms so be sure to ask your farmer/florist what will be blooming the week of your wedding. Some may have pinterest boards, and/or websites with lists of the flowers they offer each month.

  • It's always a good idea to visit the farm or garden where your flowers are coming from. I love to have couples over to see the flowers. This is a good time to bring any vases, ribbons, trays, etc that will be incorporated into any design work your florist will be doing for you. 

  • If you're working with a local florist and want to use local flowers, just ask. It's possible they have a network of local flower farmers to source seasonal flowers from. 

  • Some farmer/florists also deliver and set up a venue, others do not. Expect a delivery and set up fee to be added on to the cost of the flowers.  Be sure to iron out those details from the very beginning. You don't want any extra stress tacked on to your wedding day. If the grower is also your designer, expect a design fee to be added to the cost of the flowers. 

  • Local flowers can also mean plants, trees and flowers from your local garden shop. Some nurseries offer design services which can be a great fit for romantic garden themed bridal showers and weddings.
 Find local flower farmers, florists, and designers, on the Slow Flowers Directory Website.

As always, thanks for reading! 

I wish you a wonderful gardening ( and Wedding ) season. 

Only ' natural ' green gasses were used to drive us to our reception hall.

Put down some roots and BLOOM!

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