I am passionate about the domestic slow flowers movement.  In March of 2012 we removed a large sodded area in our backyard and planted 1/8 Th of an acre of classic heirloom cut flowers, herbs and fillers. floral design work. My passion for growing beautiful blooms naturally spilled over into floral design. We provide floral design services for weddings and events South of Boston and Cape Cod.

Dandelion House Floral Design

I am also a proud member and supporter of Debra Prinzing's Slow Flower Directory.
An online director of sustainable American Grown Flowers.

 I love creating wild and wonderful floral arrangements using a little of everything that I grow here in our backyard flower farm.

 My sustainable garden was featured in the 2014 August Issue of The Cottage Journal Magazine!

"Gardening is my solace, my prayer, and my playground. It's where the best of me blooms! "
~Debbie Bosworth
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Erin said...

oh, fantastic!!!
don't flowers just make life worth living?
so exciting about your book : )

Patricia said...

Love your flowers!

Elle Mental said...

Wow!How beautiful! I can imagine that you sold out of your flowers quickly at the farmers market. Most of my gardening space is dedicated to growing food, but I salt in flowers where I can. I love Cut and Come again Zinnias for their size and colors. I always plant a row of them at the front of the veggie garden to attract pollinators, butterflies and hummingbirds. I also plant a variety of nasturtiums at the feet of my pepper plants to hold down weeds and keep their feet cool in the heat of the summer. It is quite a sight to see when there are peppers of all colors on the bush and the nasturtiums at their feet are spilling out onto the path with their bright and profuse blooms. Nasturtiums are also edible, they add color and interest to a summer salad. Marigolds are always planted with my tomatoes to keep the soil nematode free. During the spring I intersperse violas in the lettuce bed; since they are edible and their cheerful little faces always make me smile. I am enjoying your blog and will continue to check back and see what you are up to! Thanks for sharing! Elle

Donna Jones Photography said...

Beautiful photos of your flowers! I love your site! I could use some advice on dahlias! Mine are all mildewing! Do you use anything to prevent mildew? I live in calf with coastal influence..(evening fog)They were beautiful till last week! Donna Jones from

Unknown said...

Donna, I haven't had to deal with mildew here on the south shore, but we have had a lot of moisture this year which causes the blooms to droop and fade much quicker than if it was sunny and dry... :( thanks for the note and for reading!

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