Tuesday, August 31, 2010


By Deborah Bosworth

Where will you go and who will you be?
It wasn’t that long ago,
You were only up to my knee,

In just a short time,
You’ll be free
to wander the world,
To see what you want to see.

But, I’ll never forget
The wonder of you
When you were small
Just turning two,

You were always with me
Safe and sound,
Ready for another game of peak- a-boo!

The smell of your hair,
The feel of your skin
That smile of yours,
My heart you did win.

Where will you go?
Who will you be?

You’ll always be a wonder to me...

Friday, August 20, 2010

An HONEST to goodness COTTAGE kitchen

Don't you love that timer? Those numbers are large enough to read no matter what your vision challenges are and when it rings it sounds just like an old dial up telephone!

Not much has changed in our cozy cottage kitchen over the last 23 years. And that's a good thing! I've brightened the walls with an aptly named Kayak Yellow paint, changed the window coverings from dated slate blue cafe' curtains with ruffles, to something a little more SEA worthy. Recently I stripped off the old bright blue contact paper ( CIRCA 1970 something ) that covered the warn out, marked up  AGED TO PERFECTION wooden counter tops along with the character and memories of  previous cottage dwellers. Now, glass stains cuts and dings shine through!

Walla! No more icky, sticky contact paper!
It was during our most recent stay that I casually mentioned to our daughter how much I love cooking in our cottage kitchen. With out hesitation she replied, "that's because it's an HONEST kitchen mom, you know, it's humble ".  I thought, she's right! It's a bare bones kitchen.

We manage to make the most of  the fact that we have no running hot water, microwave or electric coffee pot. You won't find an electric mixer or can opener either. With it's 1950's Hoosier cabinet, four burner gas stove, hand- held cheese grater, egg beater and bottle opener we do quite well.  A tea kettle which does double duty heats water for doing dishes once a day in the old farmhouse sink and again at bed-time for washing- up cottage style!

Nope, I don't think Coastal Living will be knocking down our door anytime soon for a glossy magazine spread on how we live the " modern  cottage lifestyle ".  

Our frig is half the size of our roomy side by side at home yet we manage to create some tasty, good for you too meals with only the bare essentials on hand.

These cute dishes were a  thank you gift from my cousin and her hubby after they joined us for Memorial Weekend a few years back and these vintage melmac/melamine dishes have been in this cottage as long as we have.  

Storage is at a minimum, with one set of open shelves for dishes and another for dry goods.

( How bout that mix of organic and not- so organic food on my shelves? )  With two hungry teens and two er...uh... middle aged adults in the house I'm just more mindful of what I'm putting on the table these days. 
I'm adding more fresh fruits and veggies to our diet and choosing organically produced food more often too!

I've found it's much easier to make slow changes than to toss your old UN- healthy ways overboard all at once! Call me a late bloomer with the whole organic idea...I've always "gotten it " and I've made several half - hearted efforts at it over the years. Maybe it's just a combination of a new phase of life and more time on my hands but this time around I'm having more fun experimenting with new recipes and products since I discovered Mary Jane's Farm, the everyday Organic life-style magazine. She just makes it so EASY! 

I arrived at the cottage prepared to try some new healthy and wholesome recipe's for my family.

I was feeling very inspired armed with my new Budget Mix and the FARM KITCHEN special recipe issue! I won't keep you in suspense any longer...

From the Farm Kitchen Special Recipe Issue book I made the Strawberry Scones but substituted with some plump and juicy blueberries I had on hand. YUMMY.

Do you see what I see? Someone stole a blueberry right off the tip of a scone!
 Now how am I supposed to look like a professional magazine stylist if I'm missing a blueberry?

 I couldn't resist trying this simple cheesy oven baked Pan Bread topped with some spicy pepperoni!

1 Farm Kitchen issue of Mary Jane's Farm magazine

1 Box Organic Budget Mix, Unbleached White

1 Box Chill Over Powder

1 Farmhouse Organic Red Pesto Pasta

1 Outpost Organic Kettle Chili
It's worth every budget minded penny you'll spend and the recipe book will have you jumping into your fall cooking early!

Do you like a good  INSPIRING story? Read about Mary Jane's Historic Flower Mill.  

You'll just feel better! I promise!
Deborah Jean

Happy and Healthy cooking to you from
 An HONEST to goodness COTTAGE kitchen 

Do you have an HONEST cottage KITCHEN? I'd love to see it!
Link to this post or send me a photo!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

15 Versatile Blog Awards

 continued.... Rule 3.

 The Versatile Blogger award asks each blogger who accepts this award to PASS the award to 15 new bloggers!

I've been busy discovering new blogs for you to visit and I think you'll enjoy them as much as I do.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


When I began blogging a year ago I wondered if I should create a blog that focused on just one thing or be true to myself and blog about all thingsLOVE and am inspired by in hopes of spreading a little FUN, creative energy and brightening the world a bit!  Well, you can see I chose to follow my instincts and I'm so glad I did...
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