Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Bring on Spring ~ silk flowers at your doorstep

With spring just a few short days away and predicted warmer temps here along the southern shore of New England, I'm feeling a little extra " spring " in my step. Sorry, I just had to say that!
I mentioned my previous long time aversion to silk flowers here but what's a girl to do when the " real thing " takes so long to get here? 
Get creative that's what! 
You can too! 
Here how I created two bright and funky spring flower arrangements in less than an hour ( once I was home from shopping at Michael's Crafts Store for supplies) . 

I chose a loose twiggy type of wreath for a natural look. I looked for flowers that inspired me. It can be overwhelming looking at the vast selection of flowers and colors. I chose to keep it simple this year and settled on white, soft yellows and I couldn't resist these black and white swirl ( CLIP ON ) flowers. Instead of using individual flowers I chose a garland of flowers in my color pallet. Once I had it placed how I liked it,

I used trash bag twisty ties to attach the Garland tightly to the wreath then I clipped on the funky flowers for some extra punch! 

Remember to make your wreath large enough that is can be seen from the street. 

For our side entry I re-purposed an old hanging bucket. Using the same color combination but with individual flower stems, this time I filled it to the brim with forsythia blossoms, pussy willow and a larger white flower to anchor the arrangement.

COME ON SPRING!!!  I'm ready, how about you?

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What spring touches are you working on?
Tell us about it!
Deborah Jean 
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