Thursday, March 3, 2011

Organize your Pantry~ Farm Style

I try to spend some time each week getting to know my followers and friends better. I know I will always find a new idea and when I do I like to share.

This week,  I was inspired by Caroline's ( of  Boho Farm and Home )  Farm Pantry Make Over! 

She's a clever girl! Using glass jars for storage and chalkboard paint as her labels she gussied up her pantry farm style. I had been thinking along these lines myself and I just needed a visual to get me going! I don't have an open pantry shelf but this idea would translate well in a closed cabinet situation too.

Go visit her blog for more great photos and details. I think you'll be inspired too!

 I'm off to Target for glass storage containers and chalkboard paint!

Thanks for the inspiration Caroline!

Happy organizing everyone!
Deborah Jean

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