Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Planting Dream Seeds

Happy March friends!

It will be some time before any real gardening happens in my neck of the frozen suburban garden patch here in New England. I'm just not the wait until spring gets here to get going sort of gal. I'm getting a head start on my DREAM container HerbGarden for Dandelion HouseGardens this year!

Here's the DREAM location now. Still thawing. Ho Hum. It's like watching paint dry. But come late spring and summer, imagine all sizes of terracotta pots brimming with fresh herbs and the occasional pot filled withred geraniums and blossoming creeping thyme cascading down the sides. There are so many good reasons to grow herbs! They're beautiful, smell wonderful and healing all at once!
 The scent of Sweet Basil and Oregano will have you conjuring up the best Italian meal Italy could serve up. Who doesn't love a fresh sprig of mint in a tall glass of iced tea on a hot summer day? Mint is the perfect container herb because it can spread and crowd out other plants in your garden.

 Since I'm a newbie at this I decided to keep it simple. I went to my local lawn and feed store to see what I could find.
The Herb Garden Seed Starter Kit fit the bill perfectly for starting my dream seeds indoors. It includes 6 packs of organic herbs and easy to follow instructions on the back.

The Garden Kit and Organic Soil together cost only $16.00. A very budget friendly project that will pay it forward all summer long.

The lawn and garden guy recommended Espoma Organiclight weight potting soil for seeds.

 Even though the Herb Garden came with seeds I couldn't resist adding some Botanical InterestSeeds to the mix.

Ever wonder who creates the beautiful drawings for seed packets? Peggy Turchette is one of many talented artists behind the lovely illustrations for Botanical Interest.

How could I resist adding Nasturtium's to the garden? They are edible, beautiful and Monet' grew them in his garden too! That's reason enough for me to have some!  I imagine them trailing out of containers and along the edges of my flower beds reaching out onto the lawn. I can hardly wait to sew some in the ground. The planting instructions  recommend not planting them indoors first as they apparently don't transplant well. Has anyone tried them indoors with a successful transplanting outdoors? I planted a few in a recycled egg carton anyway just to find out for myself !

How hard can this be?

  • Keep moist but don't over water.
  • Remove plastic cover when seeds have sprouted and place in a sunny spot inside. 
  • Transplant in containers for outdoors. Or smaller ones if you decide to keep a few herbs inside handy for cooking. 
  • Enjoy your HOME GROWN fresh ORGANIC herbs all summer long.
All together now! GROW! GROW! GROW!

For more info about Herbs and how to use them in your daily life visit Herbal Mamma's School of Domestic Arts Blog. If that gets you inspired, see if you can find a local class and sign up!

What dream seeds are you planting?

Happy Gardening!
Deborah Jean 

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