Thursday, August 8, 2013

Confused Dahlia or a COLOR MUTATION?

 Dear sweet blogging friends,
The Dahlia's have begun to bloom in the Dandelion House garden! 
I couldn't resist sharing this very special dahlia with all of you.

I've never seen petals colored this way on dahlias, have you?
 The entire plant seems to be a bit confused as to which color and pattern it truly wants to be. 
Each blossom is different from the next! I've got to dig into this anomaly a bit deeper.


I'm popping back in to edit this post. What's happening is a color mutation! 
It is fairly common in dahlias, but it's not so common to have an entire plant sport different blooms! 
Read more here! WARNING: It's a little plant science-ish but you'll get the gist of it!

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