Monday, October 1, 2012

October National Painting Month

  June is too cool and wet. July and August are waaaay too hot ( and often too humid ) and September is National Sewing Month so, by the blogging power vested in me I hereby delcare October as National Painting Month for every DIY'r on the blogging block! October is the best time of year to get your shake, rattle and roll on! The kids are back in school, there's just enough daylight and warm fall weather left to get your paint 'n groove on inside and out!

 Now's the time to start/ finish this years painting projects before they end up on next years to do list! Are you with me?  Good!

All of the following images are past DIY projects which have been painted in late September and October through the years.

Barn Red Shed
 I've been rocking to Little Big Town  and rolling the ceiling all day here at Dandelion House.  I know it's just a ceiling and don't worry I'm not going to bore you with photos of it. It was a ( have to ) left over project from last year. I had the paint and everything last fall but, as soon as the time change went into effect all I wanted to do was cook, eat and blog and not necessarily in that order.

Sunkist Color Washed Walls
  On my honor, this year is going to be different! Besides, I couldn't stand to look at that dingy ceiling of ours one more minute.  Do you make our a fall to do list?  I wrote about my fall  list here and by golly I've got one of the biggest painting projects checked off!

Trash to Treasure Hall Tree and Faux Brick Wall

China Hutch, Bar Stool and Walls 

Master Bath built in Cabinet and textured/glazed walls
Barn RED Shed and the Little Red Hen House
October is my very favorite time of year to paint! The living room is next, then some small furniture pieces and a few left over smaller projects too!

 If you could paint one thing this month what would it be?

Let's get those projects checked off the list in time for Turkey Day! 

 Leave me a comment and tell me what you're painting right now!
'll be back tomorrow with some Basic Painting 101
tips and my pom poms...

I'm gonna hop over to Tilly's Nest for the Down Home Blog Hop! Maybe they're doing some painting over there too! Also hopping with the Clever Chicks here!

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