Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Paint and Pom Poms

There's a reason this ' leftover' ceiling project from last fall  landed on this years to do list AGAIN!
It's a boring project. A real yawn fest. A total snoozer in the home decor department. Who wants to paint a ceiling anyway? You have to crane your neck, get up and down from a stool or chair umpteen times, you get paint in your hair and eyes and you get to see how dirty your house really is when you're up there all close and personal like that. Personally I'd rather do just about anything but paint the ceiling. It's not like it's the Sistine Chapel and chances are no-one's even gonna notice it except for you. But, now when I look UP I see a fresh, clean, cobweb free ceiling and that makes me HAPPY!  


 I feel better now that it's finished and I can move on to more fun things which I can't wait to share with you in the coming weeks.

Here's my 'go to'  painting 101 supplies list for painting walls.
  • metal or plastic paint tray
  • plastic bags from the supermarket to line your paint tray with.
  •  a set of good interior paint brushes ( I love Purdy  2 ",2 1/2 " angled brushes for corners and cutting in at the ceiling and 3"  for larger areas. 
  • painters tape ( blue )
  • rollers for your specific project ( smooth, textured, semi smooth )
  • wooden stir sticks ( these are usually free where ever you purchase paint _
  • paint can lid lifter ( metal )
  •  drop cloth (cloth, plastic or an old sheet will do ) 
  • old rag for wiping up any spills.
 Don't' forget some good music to keep you rolling along!


If you have to stop painting mid stream for more than a few hours, just cover your tray with a plastic bag, then place a damp cloth over the top of it. Wrap your roller into a zip lock baggie and set the whole mess aside until you can get back to it!
Preferably with in a 24 hour period. 

  I'm warmed up for more painting and ready to tackle something more photo worthy!
Walls and ceilings are the largest decorating space inside your home.
 ( the other large area is your floor )
  Clear out the clutter, wipe down those cobwebs and get rolling! 

I'll be right there with ya!
( pom poms here )

Go here to see some of my past paint projects! I'm sharing this post with Heidi and the gang over at the Country Homemakers Hop # 40 !

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