Wednesday, May 28, 2014

May Sewing Party~ # 5

 Isn't this tea towel adorable? It's one of a set of two appliqued tea towels I received in a tea towel swap I participated in on Farmgirl Chit Chat last month! I showed you the one I made last week. This was a first for both of us as far as doing the applique and I love how Brenda created that nubby pink outline around the flowers don't you? Applique is pretty easy and both of us found it was also quite relaxing. It's very forgiving too. In fact, the less perfect it is the more charm and hand made appeal your project will have.

We had our photo shoot at the cottage on Monday. It was so much fun! The photographer Rosemary Tufankjian was a blast to work with and we can't wait to see her " take" on our little slice of heaven!
Here's one sneak peak before pic for you!

The apron skirt panels are red and white mattress ticking and they wrap around the bottom of the sink and a dishes storage area to the left. I made them about 10 years ago and they're tired! I love the ticking so much that I purchased more to make new panels and this time when I hang them they'll be even a the top!  I also made a new valance for the bathroom, got new pillows for the futons on the sleeping porch and a few other little goodies! 
I thought I would have time to get more " after " images for you before the photographer came but we were working right up until she arrived to shoot. So, until then keep this image in mind but cleaner! I'll be back with a full reveal soon!

Now, what cha been sewing this week? 

Share anything you've sewn with your own two hands in any category.
 Here are some examples to get your juices flowing!
Aprons, Clothes, Crafts, Curtains, Table Cloths, Runners,Tea Towels, Quilts, Home Decor Projects, DIY and more!

Thanks for sharing your clever sewing creations at Dandelion House for the month of May! I've been sharing them on my Facebook page along the way.
 Let me know if you want to keep hopping and I'll keep hosting!

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