Monday, June 8, 2009

Home Arts

Is Home Arts a Lost Art? We think not!!

This month you'll meet the artists in residence” at Dandelion House.

Spring is here in New England and photo ops are everywhere. Take a peak at “BOZ Scenes” photo of the month, then pack up your camera and head out for your own photo taking journey…Your next masterpiece could be right in your own back yard, or sitting across the breakfast table from you!

Lets head over to Dandelion Workshop to see what the Painted Ladies have been creating in the studio. Their pieces of the past have come home to rooste through GOOD OLD FASHIONED IMAGINATION and the art of Decorative Painting! They will share easy, fun and thrifty art projects for your home and garden decorating.

The girls” are cackling up a storm out in their Little Red Hen House about their spring make over and the new organic veggie garden …
I better get going… my pitch fork is calling~ Deborah Jean

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