Sunday, November 1, 2009


Susan Slowey lives in the Ellisville section of Plymouth, MA. She has been teaching art to children and adults for many years. This year she opened her schedule to give more people a chance to see art as a way to open their eyes to the world around us.

Sue says, “I believe everyone has creativity”. There are learned skills and techniques that can be learned at a young age or older if you have never given it a try."

Developing the ability to “draw what you see” expands our children’s critical thinking skills.

Sue’s class description promised she would take our children beyond painting rainbows, to judging things analytically and objectively. That’s exactly what she did on our Fall Art Day Plein' Air excursion… Sketch pads, pencils and erasers in hand we headed out to a local beach.  Come see for your self!

The kids settled right in once they found their inspiration! Us moms got in on the fun too!


The day couldn't have been more lovely. It was warm with a slight breeze, peaceful, and bright with the autumn sunlight bouncing off the beach grass... Once I found my inspiration ( I was taken with the character of the wooden posts near the parking area) I stood for a solid hour unaware of anything but the post... I was transfixed on the cracks, splits, deep markings, shadows, height and width of the posts. The grasses below, behind and above. The way the rope swirled around it's center and swayed in mid-air reaching towards the adjacent post... When the hour was over my drawing wasn't anywhere near finished. It needed more shading, detail and fine tuning...

I learned that drawing really isn't a big mystery or even that hard... It just takes time, interest, focus, keen observation skills and a bit of inspiration!

A talented art teacher doesn't hurt either...

Thank you Sue for a most enlightening day!

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