Sunday, April 11, 2010

don't be a chicken! KEEP CHICKENS


      I'll make "chicken lovers" of you all yet!


 Let me introduce you to my favorite laying hen, the Araucana ! Otherwise known as the Easter Egg Chicken for the beautiful pastel shades of eggs it lays. This breed has proved to be hardy to our New England winters and is also a reliable egg layer.

                 Aren't those the prettiest eggs you've ever seen?

Once you have your chicken coop and run in place, keeping chickens is easy and contagious!  Just the other day a neighbor came " through my garden gate " to chat  about keeping some " girls of their own".

 Nothing beats seeing first hand how someone else sets up Hen Keeping!  You can get as creative as you want when you build YOUR Hen House!

We live in a rural/suburban neighborhood where most lots are 1/4 to 1/2 acer in size...It's just enough space to tuck the "girls" into a cozy back corner of the yard for privacy. This makes it convienent for having a near by compost area too! My hubby built THE LITTLE RED HEN HOUSE from recyled lumber and an old window we picked up FREE  from the side of the road. The "girls" thank you honey!

A little BARN RED PAINT goes a long way towards making your " ladies" feel right at home!

     I LOVE having  farm fresh eggs on hand for cooking all spring, summer and fall!

My Book Shelf~


You don't have to be a youngster to learn all about Chicks! I learned  about the life cycle of egg to chicks right along with our children in this Usborne Beginners  book.

 HEN KEEPING in your own back yard is catching on in neighborhoods all across America!

Get more info at your local feed store to get you started!


Alicia said...

Lovely girls, and lovely little red hen house. I love my "gals", they're so much fun!

Faith said...

Those eggs are stunning..I never have seen them in those colors..beautiful...what kind of chicken lays those beauties.?

We have a postage stamp yard..truly..I'm not exagerating..I would LLLLLLLLLLLoooove to have a yard bird or two...we are smack dab in the city..oh but I have hopes of one day........anyway...I love to come and visit and see all your beauty and inspires truly does...thank you for touching that place in my heart which has been somewhat forgotten oh these many few months..takin over by much less, much beautiful

Unknown said...

Dear Faith,
Thank you! Those colored eggs are from the Araucana ( also called the Easter Egg chicken for its pretty pastel colored eggs).

So glad you are feeling inspired by your visits here!
Dandelion Wishes,

4kids, 2 guinea pigs, 1 happy family said...

Your ladies are looking great!
I've never seen eggs in such beautiful pastel shades.
Our ladies are getting old, and three have died recently. We hope to hatch some eggs soon and have some new ladies (and maybe men!!!)

Fawn said...

Curious, did you have any pictures of the inside of the coop or dimensions...I think this is the perfect size for our Alaskan winters. Found you on pinterest!

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