Monday, April 5, 2010

MUSIC ~ the universal language

We don't always  know why certain "gifts" come our way when they do, or how instrumental they will be in our lives do we? Usually, it takes the passage of time for us to make the connection. I am finally beginning to get the idea... Have faith!

Everything in it's own time. 

Soon after relocating to New England we inherited this lovely antique piano. It was a gift to us from a relative on my mother in laws side of the family. They had been keeping great care of it in their home for the past 25 years.When the offer to take if off their hands came, we welcomed it! We gladly paid the moving charges to  have it delivered to our home. This piano has been in " the family for years ". It was my mother in laws Aunties piano and the very piano that she learned to play on as a child. Needless to say, it holds a very special place in our hearts.

 Our Humble Symposium

 Our daughter gravitated towards the piano from the start. As soon as she turned five we found a piano teacher for she and her brother. We wanted them to be exposed to music from an early age.

Student and Teacher

Over the course of a few years we did a little bouncing around with piano teachers until we found a " true fit "
for our daugher. Another gift!  You've heard the saying, " When the student is ready the teacher will appear! " It was meant to be when Nicolette and Margaret teamed up at the South Shore Conservatory in Duxbury, MA. Zachary has moved on to the guitar and studies at the Carver School of Music
Nicolette recently entered a Composer's Competition through the South Shore Conservatory's Tempo Program!

Her three pieces are titled: Dream World, Rhythmic River and Clear Blue Skies

Click here to have a listen and cast your vote!

Put a little music in YOUR life!

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Amy said...

It is wonderful to see kids with an chance to enjoy music. Mine love was dance as a child and teen.

Have a wonderful day.

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