Friday, May 27, 2011

Farmgirl AND Farm Friend Friday blog hop # 9

Happy Memorial Day Weekend and welcome to Farmgirl and Farm Friend Friday hosted by Dandelion House and Amy of Verde Farm

 It was great to see so many wonderful entries last week! Everyone is busy as bee's welcoming spring on their farms and homesteads! We've been busy here at Dandelion House too! The sun finally came out this week and the new chicken run is up and ready for 8 new Americana chicks. 

I'm pumping up the patriotism  in this weeks blog post for MaryJanesFarm on the BEACH farmgirl blog! 


Now it's time to link up for your weekly dose of farmgirl soul food! 

You know what to do girls!

1.) Show us your farmgirl flair! Include photos of your farm, crafts, art, animals, quilts, thrifty home and garden makins', recipes, farm stories, your backyard garden, hen house, studio or workshop. You get the idea! 
2). Enter the link to your entry post in the Mr. Linky space.
3). Please include the Farmgirl Friday/Farm Friend buttons ( or link back to our blogs ) in your post. 

Don't forget to leave a note on the barn door on your way out!
Have a wonderful weekend and GOD BLESS AMERICA


Teresa said...

The chicks are adorable! We just had a gosling hatch. I love all the babies this time of year.

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

What sweet little chicks you have! we had some hatch this week too.

DesertHen said...

What sweet baby chicks. We have one Americana hen left out of our original hens. She is going on 9 now and still gives a green egg at least twice a week.

Happy Weekend to you!

Zuzana said...

Happy Monday dear Deborah, I am a bit late with visiting.;)) This week I do not have a farm related post, but I still am wishing you a happy memorial day - hope it is as sunny as ours is.
Those little chickens are so cute.;))

Unknown said...

After the long weekend I popped in to see how you're doing! We have 5 newly hatched Ameraucana chicks as of yesterday evening! It's a delight to go into the barn and hear more and more peeping, look over and see new little faces!

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