Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Goodbye Rudy ( and Rodeo too )

I always wondered what it would be like,
to have a Rooster like you.
To watch you grow and here you crow,
Cock a doodle do!!!

I'm a fan, you know that
of your early morning call,
but to some your song does absolutely nothing for them at all.

You've ruffled a few feathers in the neighborhood, and in the coop too!
I guess deep down I always knew,
 eventually you would!

Thank you for your watchful eye,
and looking after the girls.
I'm sorry fellas, it's adios
The Little Red Hen House is just for those
who look pretty wearing pearls.

I'm sorry Rudy, ( and Rodeo too ) we have to say goodbye. 
I'll miss your song and your handsome looks too.
I wish I could keep you, I really do!


Mother Hen


Unknown said...

I too have to get rid of my Rooster Pat, not really because of neighbors, but because my Rooster Pat does not like my children or my husband.......very sad for me

Country Gal said...

Sorry to hear of this !
We never had to get rid of any roosters on our farm I grew up on ! I have never heard of this before ! Hope the girls dont mind ! Have a good day !

Rose Prairie Quilts and Farm said...

I have had to get rid of one or two them before. I had one that was just too big that he was hurting the girls too much and then one time I bought a group of straight run chicks and ended up with too many roosters. Love what you wrote.

Lady Farmer said...

Oh, my! I'm agonizing over the same situation. Not because of neighbors, but because I have 3 roosters than are absoluely brutalizing and maiming the girls! (Yes, Taz is the spittin' image of your Rodeo!)I am just afraid that whoever takes them will put them in the soup pot and not love them or even give them a good home! How did you find a home for yours (or, gulp!, will you be eating them?)I suppose a quick,merciful death at home is preferable to being poorly cared for or killed at the hands of strangers!
Like some of the other gals have said, I have had chickens, including roosters, for nearly fifty years and I think they are doing some weird husbandry practices ~ Roosters never used to be mean or brutal to the hens. And they sure haven't been teaching the next generation how to sex chickens. 2 roosters out of 6 'pullets' are not very good odds! I'm hoping I can find a nice quiet retirement home for single, handsome guys like mine! Oh, the trials and tribulations of a farm girl with a soft heart!

Brenda said...

Oh, I have so wanted a rooster. But our hen house is on the side of our property that is closer to the neighbors that we have become friends with since moving here and the hubs promised no rooster. My daughter ended up with three roosters this year. Two little bantams that made noise all day long and one pretty white Rooster. So far she has kept the White one and found a home for the little ones. Maybe I will sneak one in next year.

Candy C. said...

It is hard to have to find a new home for the roos. Our last one had to go because the silly chickens kept pecking at his feet until he could hardly walk and he wouldn't fight back! Love the prose you wrote for your boys! :)

Patricia @ 9th and Denver said...

I find that so disheartening that you'd have to get rid of them because of neighbors.
It is almost as bad as the 'clothesline' issue some people are having in their neighborhoods.
I certainly do hope you're able to find a place for them--without any worries or guilt.

Love the prose,

Tilly's Nest said...

Oh Deb, I completely understand and relate after rehoming our two boys. Keep me posted with the outcome and hugs coming your way too!

Farmgirl Heidi said...

Sorry to hear the boys have to go, but that little rhyme is too cute. Poor Romeo and Rudy and poor Mother Hen. I know you'll miss them.

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