Thursday, April 19, 2012

Farmgirl Friday # 54

 Welcome to week # 54 of The Farmgirl/Guy Friday Blog hop! 

 If you've been looking for an online community where showing off your farmgirl/guy flare is not only okay, but, encouraged this is the blog hop for you! Share your daily doin's on your farmsteads whether you tend many acres, a backyard, community garden or an apartment balcony! 

Flower Farm Update: My greenhouse arrived last week and if the good weather hold through the weekend I should be able to show you photos next week! 

I don't know about you but all work and no play make this farmgirl and her farmguy grumpy. So, we packed a bag, the teens ( Max) and headed off to the cottage for some R and R and a little spring cleaning.


One of my favorite things to do is to open the windows and sweep out the cobwebs. It was the perfect day to do a little hand washing too! 

It was a clear, sunny day; just right for hanging out a pair of lace curtains to dry 

while we brewed a pot of camp coffee!

Paula Dean Percolator
Naturally, we brought some fresh eggs from home to enjoy with our coffee! We made southwestern scrambled eggs for breakfast.


9 Eggs
1 cup milk
1/2 cup salsa
1/2 cup shredded Monterrey jack cheese
 ( or if you like your eggs real spicy ) substitute with pepper-jack cheese.
1/4cup chopped sweet onion
2 tablespoons butter

Mix eggs, salsa, cheese and onion in mixing bowl.
Melt butter in skillet until melted.
Add egg mixture and scramble to your liking .
Salt and Pepper to taste.

Top with crisp bacon crumbles, a dollop of sour cream and you've got your self a tasty southwestern breakfast no matter where you are!  
These eggs are also de-lish wrapped in a burrito sized soft flour 
tortea! Serve with black beans on the side. Yum!

Now, on with the hop! 

  Here are the rules for the Farmgirl/guy Friday Blog Hop! 
1.) Write a post about your farmgirl lifestyle and brag a little about your farmgirl talents while your at it! Include lots of photos of your farm, crafts, animals, quilts, home decor projects and thrifty make overs, your backyard garden, chicken coop, recipes, studio or workshop. You get the idea!

2). Leave your entry in the Mr. Linky space to your Farmgirl Friday post.

3). Please include the Farmgirl Friday button ( or link back here ) in your post and remember to share this hop with all of your blogging friends!

Thanks so much for all you share each week! I hope you are all enjoying the sweet offerings of spring!



Those Southwestern Scrambled eggs sound delicious! I have to try those. Your eggs are so pretty and I love the washtub and the lace curtain on the line...

Nancy said...

Sounds like a busy but rewarding day! :)

Clint Baker said...

I can't wait to see your new greenhouse!

Wonderwoman said...

Love the photos from the cottage. Thanks for hosting!

Unknown said...

Let me know how you like the eggs Dolly! It's one of our favorite " cottage breakfasts"! Have a great day!

Unknown said...

Hi Nancy! It was a great day.. Thanks for the visit! Have a wonderful weekend!

Unknown said...

Sun is out today Clint.. today is the day! Have a wonderful weekend and say hello to Dana for us! Hope you are finding time to be out in your garden now that you are back to work!

Unknown said...

Thanks Wonderwoman! I love hosting this hop! Have a GREAT weekend!

Robyn said...

Sounds like you are keeping busy! It's always nice to get some of those "spring" cleaning jobs done and freshen up the house.

My Mom has a Tea Pot Collection. Some look like the one you have. Green eggs for breakfast, sounds like fun.

I wanted to join the Hen House Hop but when I got to thinking about it and looking at last years post, nothing has changed. Just a few updated pictures of the Chickens.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Natural Mothers Network said...

Hi- thanks so much for hosting! This week I posted The Dandelion's Story, my cornbread recipe, an article on a silent epidemic that we all need to be aware of and finally a post on perpetual yoghurt! Enjoy a great weekend! Rebecca @ Natural Mothers Network ( Seasonal Celebration) x

Unknown said...

Hi Robyn, Well, if you change your mind about the HHH please link up! I'm sure we have new readers who would love to see your setup!

Unknown said...

Hi Rebecca! Oh, your posts sound fun... I'm headed out in the garden today, but I'll be by to check in on you later! Thanks so much for linking up! Enjoy!

Little Susie Home Maker said...

Hi, I just joined the party over at Heidi's! I love you blog! I like to make eggs very similar, so will have to try your recipe! Thank you for letting me join in the fun!
Susie from Colorado

Little Susie Home Maker said...

Oh, I forgot to ask, I can't seem to find the button for this Farmgirl Friday hop?
It is probably under my nose!

Unknown said...

Hi Little Susie and welcome! The button is on my sidebar or you can copy and past the one at the top of this post too! You will love this community of fun loving and sharing folks!

Rachael said...

I'm not a Farm Gal but I loved this blog, fresh duck eggs is my dream but sadly I live in a built up area where we aren't allowed to keep ducks for the noise.Rx

Linda Stubbs said...

Hi, I signed up tonight......wish I could do it more often. I enjoy reading your posts. Your blog is beautiful!

For some reason my picture of our new little guy didn't show up.

Blessings to your weekend,
Prairie Flower Farm

Unknown said...

Hi Linda! Thanks for signing up tonight... You are always welcome! Come anytime you can! Have a wonderful weekend!

Betsy said...

Sounds like a wonderful day! I'm so glad to have found your blog. I love what I see and how exciting that you blog for MaryJane. I've been reading her magazine for years and years. She's one of my favorites. Thanks for following my blog. I look forward to catching up with yours.


Unknown said...

Welcome Betsy! So nice to have you here! You will love this community of kindred spirits. We love to share and cheer each-other on! It is an honor to write for MaryJane... Those magical words ( MaryJanesFarm) changed my life forever! :) I'll be keeping an eye on you too as you move a head with your new " simple living focus on your bog... Please keep the RED!It's my favorite color! Have a great day!

cherylkeyes said...

Hi Deborah i really enjoy reading your blog... farmfresh eggs are my faves... i never knwe how to be part of a link, but you made it really easy evnethough i dont know what im doing. i did manage to put a pic of a giveaway i won on MJF.. i dont know how to add a button or how to list blogs i follow.. im learning very very slowly thnaks for making it easy.. cheryl

Unknown said...

Welcome Cheryl! Nice to * meet * you! Link up anytime and share a project, recipe, gardening adventures or even good news like you did this time! Congratulations on winning the wonderful giveaway!

Anne Birdsong said...

Hi Deborah Jean! I'm Anne from Life on the Funny Farm, and I was part of your most recent "Hop" (I wrote about my "gender-confused chicken"). Anyway, I wanted to ask how to get the button to put on my blof when I join in on your hops. I saw to do that in your instructions, but I couldn't make it work. Any advice so I can do this right next time?


Unknown said...

Hi Anne! Sure! Just copy and past ( right click on the photo for the frop down menu) the Farmgirl Friday photo and save it to your picture file.. then when you add it to a post you can add the link below it! I don't have an HTML code for that button...:) If you just want to add the link at the bottom of your post, that is just fine too!
Thanks for joining the hop!

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