Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Farmmade EST 2012

What is Farmmade? It's an online marketplace that supports the urban, suburban, rural, and modern day farmer. I'm happy to announce that Farmmade has signed on for a six month sponsorship with Dandelion House and the timing couldn't be better! Soon they'll be launching their online store selling homemade and hand crafted farm-goods created by folks like you and I who wish to keep the farming mentality alive no matter where we live!

What a great place to set up shop!

Have you been by the Farmmade Facebook page lately? I've been popping in each week to catch their weekly Featured Farmer stories and they are so inspiring. Whether you are a full fledged farmer of many acres or a small garden plot, Farmmade is interested in YOUR personal story! 

 Farm-minded folks have so many creative talents to share! 

 Contact Amber Anderson to share YOUR inspiring present-day farm story and let others know about the wares you offer - handmade or unique items, vintage goods, tasty edibles, books you've written, etc.  It's about sharing YOUR stories and spreading the word about YOUR products so you can continue to sustain a life as a present-day farmer.   

Have a wonderful FARM-filled DAY friends! 

Interested in being a sponsor? 
Visit my sponsorship page to learn how you can grow with Dandelion House!  

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Kanelstrand said...

Wow, this sounds so exciting! I am off to check them out straight away!

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