Monday, November 19, 2012

Frugal Thanksgiving Table Setting Ideas

Dear Friends,

It seems like we were just clearing out the garden beds yesterday and here we are just a few days away from Thanksgiving! I'm very excited to be hosting dinner this year for our family and some of of our dear friends. It's so easy to get caught up in pre- holiday spending when it comes to decorating for fall and your Thanksgiving table what with all the beautiful dinner ware, linens, and faux harvest decor items for sale in your favorite discount department store's. Before you know it, your convinced you need to buy entire sets of dishes, glassware, silver ware and serving trays just for one day of the year. It happens to the best of us! To me there's nothing better or more FUN than rummaging around in my own china cabinet to see what I can create out of things I already have then ADD to it at minimal cost or FREE if I can get away with it!

 Here are a few FUN and FRUGAL table setting ideas sure to add the festive feeling you're after for little or no cost.

I love finding finding sale items that will make my holiday table special but that can be re-used the rest of the year as well. We are having 15 guests this year and I don't have 15 of anything the same!  So, I'm going to mix and match plates, napkins, and silverware. I'm borrowing some beautiful VINTAGE amber glass goblets from my mom to unify the table settings. She actually has 15 of them!

   Instead of spending money on fancy napkin rings I'm making my own out of jute twine and cuttings from the garden.

Floral Napkins from Home Goods
Simply tied with a sprig of dried seed pods tucked in they make a natural, but elegant statement for FREE!  ( I already had the twine on hand )


The centerpieces will be small dried flower arrangements cut from the garden tied with the same jute around the mouth of each jar. I'm using small ball mason jars, but recycled food jars would work great too! I'm using folded burlap purchased from my feed store for a table runner. I can re-use it in the garden next season, or make pillows, chair covers or pillows with it when I'm done!


BETTER HOMES AND GARDENS ( and my pinterest )
I just love these personalized pumpkins by Better Homes and Gardens. I think it ties in to my natural garden Thanksgiving table scape perfectly!

I hope you're inspired to keep more of your money in your pocket and create a personal table scape that reflects your personality and creativity! Your family, friends and guests will feel all the more cherished because of it!

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Junebug said...

I'm not hosting Thanksgiving dinner for the first time. It does seem strange! I love the napkin rings. We are in a down pour so I would have to pick them now to even have a chance of drying. I so love the natural look and the fall colors in any table scape.

One other thing, I love your mother's amber goblets. I sure wished I had my from the seventies. Here's to a great and blessed Thanksgiving! Hugs!!

Country Gal said...

It all looks so lovely ! Hope you have a wonderful and Happy Thanksgiving on Thursday !

Unknown said...

Hi Junebug! Thanks! This is the first time we've hosted TG in years... so I'm having fun! Stay out of the rain and Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours! It's cold and gray here today... Brrrrrrrr

Unknown said...

Howdy Country Gal!
thank you... You and Papa and Miggy have a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday!
hugs to all and a pat for Mig...

Snooks said...

You are woman after my own heart! Being creative and using what I have is my go to source first. Then and only then do I contemplate picking up items from the store only if I have to. I too am hosting our feast here at our home and looking forward to all of the laughter, sharing and eating that will take place through out the day. Have a great Holiday!!

@ 3Beeze Homestead

Alica said...

I love those personalized pumpkins...what a great idea! And the mix and match is fun often we get bent out of shape to make sure everything is perfectly matched, etc, but you make it sound simple!

Unknown said...

Thanks Snooks! Great minds think alike right? Sounds like you're in for a fun and festive day! Happy Thanksgiving!

Unknown said...

Howdy Alica! They are cute aren't they? Staged place settings are beautiful for sure, but there is something very homey about mixing and matching beloved pieces from your own collection's... I think it really can be simple if we let of trying to be perfect and try being more playful instead! Happy Thanksgiving!

Michelle said...

What great ideas. I am stealing some for our holiday.

camp and cottage living said...

Your table setting will be so warm and lovely. I loke that your accents are from nature!

Unknown said...

Steal away Michelle!!! Happy Thanksgiving!

Unknown said...

Warm and Lovely.... that's the idea! Thanks for your note! Love how things are looking at your place too!

Unknown said...

Very elegant. I'm curious what the leaf dishes are used for. They a very beautiful.

Unknown said...

I use the leaf dishes for salad, soup, or nuts, cranberry sauce...:) They are pretty aren't they? I couldn't pass them up at TJ Max last year!

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