Saturday, April 27, 2013

Saturday Scenes with Boz

Brand New Day

SATURDAY SCENES at DANDELION HOUSE  is our day to share an image or three from the Boz Scenes photo library.  
This batch of images are representative of spring in action! Enjoy!

 Lilacs and Rhododendron

 As always, thanks for looking have a beautiful weekend!
 Deb and Boz 



daisy g said...

What beautiful blossoms! Just stunning photos!

Bridgit's Bell said...

Wow, what luscious photos especially the lilacs which are my favorite!

Michelle said...

I got Lilacs blooms for the first time this year. I am so looking forward to when the bush is nice and big. I love the smell of Lilacs.

Candy C. said...

Beautiful, beautiful flowers!

Julia said...

I just recently took pictures of a Pink Cherry Blossom tree and red Rhodie, my lilacs are not quite in bloom!

Boz does a lovely job!

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