Monday, August 19, 2013

ASCP English Country Washstand in Arles Yellow

 Dear friends,
Between the garden, two teens going in opposite directions and my booth downtown I've been on the go these last few weeks and I'm excited to show you my latest furniture re-do for Burlap and Bling! I've been working with the fabulous decorative  Annie Sloan Chalk Paint this summer and I fall more and more in live with each new shade I try. So far I haven't done any color mixing, I'm enjoying each color straight out of the can. 

This piece got a make over with Arles Yellow. It's so soft and buttery you almost want to eat it, but since that's not really an option ( unless you want to be featured on that show My Strange Obsession )
I rather like the idea my friend Pam had. Imagine this piece in a small country bedroom with floral wallpaper, flowy lace curtains and fresh linens on the bed.
 Now, hold on to that image cuz here's the ugly before picture!

This little darling has great features! I think it resembles an old English Commode or wash stand which is why I chose a soft color and an aged finish for it.

Here's one of the legs after sanding and before I waxed it with clear wax.

I love how the dark wood shows through on this piece.

This piece has two drawers and a bottom shelf. It'll make a great bedside table for someone!

Here she is all done up and ready for her trip to my booth! I sure hope someone scoops her up in a hurry cuz I had a hard time letting her go!
Ain't she purty? 

Here's are some painting tips for achieving an aged finish.
  • Don't apply the paint too perfectly or too heavily. If you know you want some of the wood ( or undercoat) to show through then brush the paint on lightly especially where worn spots would be likely to happen.
  • Go over areas such as the top more than once for a more opaque look and leave the edges less covered. 
  • You can wipe off paint as you go, to distress before it dries, or wait for it to dry ( under and hour ) and lightly sand off any places you want to see the wood underneath.
  • Annie Sloan Directions for sanding say to do it after the first coat of Clear Wax, but I prefer to sand before and then apply the clear wax with a large brush and buff with a clean soft cloth.
  • If you want a deeper aged finish you can add the dark wax over the clear finish or mix clear and dark together depending on the ration of dark to light that you want to achieve. 
  • Most importantly, have fun and relax!

Here's the link to Annie Sloan's YouTube where you'll find an endless amount of info on working with her fine paint!


Country Gal said...

Oh so pretty ! It looks like it is an old wash stand some had the hole in for the basin to fit in like a sink to and the bottom shelf is for towels and face cloths . I have the old Victorian wash jug and basin that would look wonderful on it lol ! Wonderful job . Thanks for sharing ! Have a good day !

Farmlife Chick said...

Beautiful! That color is so happy, I love it!

daisy g said...

My goodness, didn't that turn out lovely. You found the perfect treatment!

Transformed Tuesday said...

I just love ASCP. Beautiful job. Thank you much for submitting your post to Transformed Tuesday.

Peggy~PJH Designs

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