Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Calling all Sewing Goddesses! May Sewing Party Week # 4

 Welcome back to my May sewing party!This has been so much fun! I've so enjoyed your entries! 

This week I worked on my first Tea Towel ever! I participated in a Tea Towel swap so I had to come up with something fun and creative for my partner who likes traditional country colors for her country kitchen. I found some great vintage inspired red striped tea towels at Joanne's Fabric Store for adding a fun design to. I've seen all sorts of wonderfully creative ideas on pinterest but finally decided to put my creative recycling skills to work so I up-cycled some beautiful embroidered hand work from a vintage apron that was showing some wear. And, the design was perfect for my project! A Teapot with two cups and saucers. 

I simply cut it out of the apron and hand stitched it to the bottom right side of tea towel with natural colored thread.

There were also two little cups with saucers on the apron so I cut them out and appliqued them onto the left bottom side of the tea towel.. that way when it hangs you can see all three designs!

Photo credit : My craft swap partner, Brenda!
Silly me, I didn't take a photo of it hanging so you could see the whole towel. I was in too much of a hurry to get it packaged up and off in the mail to my craft swap partner but, she took one when it arrived to her which I've pictured above!

 I have to say, it was kind of relaxing to sit and do some hand stitching while watching my daughters favorite teen soap opera after school. She and I are both hooked on Switched at Birth... Maybe I'd better not take up hand stitching after all!

 Calling all Sewing Goddesses! 
For the month of May we'll meet here each week and keep each other in stitches!

Share anything you've sewn with your own two hands in any category.
 Here are some examples to get your juices flowing!
Aprons, Clothes, Crafts, Curtains, Table Cloths, Runners,Tea Towels, Quilts, Home Decor Projects, DIY and more!

Plus there will be a surprise GIVEAWAY along the way!

 What's had you in stitches this week?

Love, Deb

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