Sunday, June 29, 2014

Baby Bird and June Blooms

 Howdy friends, 
I love this time of year in the garden. Things are looking lush and green and the overall gardening season looks promising here at Dandelion House. I've been wanting to make some garden markers for my raised beds, but just haven't had the time to do it. Maybe now that everything is planted, I can plant myself long enough to make some! In the meantime, I picked up a cute garden marker for my herb section. I just love the little crow perched on top.

 The dahlias are really thriving in this dry weather. They don't like it too wet out and we are having a particularly dry June this year. So much so, I'm having to water everything else by hand every couple of days. On the upside, I haven't spotted one slug in the garden so I haven't had to treat for pests, yet.

 This yellow loos strife is in glorious golden bloom right now... I love the burst of sunshine it brings to the early summer garden.

 The Knock Out Roses are in full bloom and will stay that way until frost... I'm addicted to them and would love to add several more to my largest boarder... Maybe I'll look for some on sale in September... That's a great time to shop for shrubs at a discount and  an ideal time to plant them. As the days get shorter and cooler it's less stress on the plant, but they still have plenty of time to " settle in" to their new digs before winter comes. 

A small sampling of the petite wave petunias growing in the window box on our shed.

 And last, but not least in the wonders of gardening. We had a nest in our clematis trellis this spring with three or four baby birds in it. I captured this sweet baby bird only a day before he/she flew the nest!

I'm ready for mid-summer blooms, fresh cut flowers, and some fun vintage garden projects!
How about you? How's your garden shaping up this year?
Wishing you a yard full of your favorite bloomers! 
Love, Deb

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