Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Slow Flower Bouquets~ Three Ways!

  Besides picking ripe, juicy tomatoes right off the vine, nothing is more rewarding than cutting your own fresh flowers from the garden and placing them in a favorite vase for home decoration or to give to a friend or family member. Today, I'm sharing three ways to create simple bouquets using mostly dahlias in different colorways. The arrangement and color story in the top photo was inspired by the beautiful bubblegum pink art deco vase which was a recent gift from my mother in law. I've seen it filled with blooms from her yard over the years, displayed next to her kitchen sink where it sat until recently when she gave it to me. This year I chose several deep red, burgundy and purple dahlias  as well as some lighter softer shades of pink for the garden. I think they look smashing in my new/old pink vase don't you? They go perfectly in our guest room which is decorated in soft, grammy- like colors.


Next up is a bouquet bursting with the energy of bold, bright hues of a few dahlias and some brightly colored zinnias placed in the ever popular mason jar vase.

I promise you, these are the actual colors! Heirloom varieties bloom longer and brighter than other seeds because they are truest to the original plant. This arrangement will sit on my dining room table where it will compliment the other colors in the room.

 And sometimes one gigantic bloom in a sweet little vintage vase is all you need to bring some simple beauty and elegance to a small corner of your home. Think bathroom vanity, entry way tables, or nightstands. I love to cut fresh zinnias for our daughters room and sometimes she even cuts her own and makes arrangements for herself which I love!

This large white dinner plate dahlia placed in a little clear hobnail vase is earmarked for my desk in our bedroom... Simple and romantic!

I hope you're inspired to grow a patch of your own " slow flowers" and create some of your own home-grown bouquets to beautify your home and share with friends and loved ones!
Any old vase will do, just let the flowers do the talking and you'll be amazed what you can whip up!
Happy Growing! 


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