Thursday, September 4, 2014


Happy September! The absolute best month of the year in my book! 
 The last days of summer seem to be marching on to a steady beat and I'm doing all I can to slow it down a notch here at Dandelion House. Our girl has returned to High School for her junior year and the sounds of empty nest syndrome are banging loudly in my ears. In other words, it's darned quiet around here all of a sudden! I bet some of your homes have quieted as well. Truth be told, I don't mind the quiet. I actually prefer it. It gives me the time I need to dance to my own rhythms ( in between gigs of elder care, house cleaning, hubby time, and Max time). Yes, the order is somewhat jumbled, but that's the way things roll around here! I'm no hermit, but if I had to choose between a day at home, ( empty or not ) or a trip to the nearest two story mall for back to school shopping ( eh hem ) you can guess which one I'd pick! Besides, it's hard to stay out of the garden right now! There's still so much in bloom and more flower arrangements to be made before gardens are put to bed. Right now, my sunflowers are showing their cheery, yellow faces of happiness and glee and I can't get enough of them! 
Heirloom Lemon Queen Sunflowers are a delight for your garden, growing at a whopping 7 feet tall. The birds and bees love em and they add a splash of happiness to any kind of summer bouquet. Lemon Queen in front of even taller volunteer sunflowers next to the greenhouse.
 I decided to make a bouquet of all the different sunflowers I have in bloom at the moment with some ornamental grass plumes tucked in for added looseness and texture! Sunflowers tend to be a little floppy in the vase because their flower heads are so large, even the ones specifically for cutting but I like the way they kind of just hang there in their unpretentious beauty facing this -a- way and that- a- way. There's a confidence in sunflowers other flowers don't have!

They know they're perfect just like they are! So, if you're feeling a little droopy, because your house is suddenly empty and quiet, like mine let these sunflowers be a reminder to you that you're perfect just the way you are too! And, you're never alone when you grown in your own garden!

Keep bloomin'!
Love ya lots!

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