Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Autumn Offerings ~ A Simple Fall Decorating Project

 "Listen!  the wind is rising, and the air is wild with leaves,
We have had our summer evenings, now for October eves!"
-  Humbert Wolfe

Isn't fall the best? I know autumn arrives in late September but I don't start celebrating until the last tomato is off the vine. October is here and now is the time for savory soups, fluffy throws, fuzzy sippers, and snuggling in with family, friends, and long walks in the woods ( or the beach ) with our four-legged pals too!

Today it rained all day. It was the sort of day that beckons some catching up on stacks of mail that have gotten a little too tall due to the extended play time sunny days of September allow. It always feels good to get to the bottom and frees up my hard-drive for more creative endeavors, however, I've yet to change out the wreath on our front door or plant my fall mums. 
Hey! It's early! I've still got time! Besides, I haven't even put the gardens to bed yet!

 Since I'm a little behind schedule, how about I share a simple fall decorating  project from a couple of seasons ago.

This couldn't be easier. I've had this wire dessert tray for some time. I use it during the holidays for displaying treats. I love it because it takes up less room on my buffet than three plates would. 
The theme of this arrangement is Autumn offerings. I purchased the mini pumpkins and gourds from my favorite farm stand. But the dried Hydrangea, pine-cones and birds nest were things I could easily access from the garden and my birds next collection. 

You can easily create one of your own. Just take a look around and I bet you'll come up with something fallalicious too! 
How about you? Are you already decked out for fall or are you a late bloomer like me? 

Happy fall, y'all!

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