Hand crafted note cards from our house to yours! 
The next time you need to send a handwritten note why not make it a work of art too? 

Now you can take your favorite images of  Dandelion House home to your family and friends when you purchase a set of 12 carefully crafted note cards from these currently available categories: Boz Scenes, The Cottage Hens, Picket Fences Sunflowers, Dahlias, Zinnias, Butterflies, and Autumn! 

Choose a single category or mix things up with a sampler bundle!

 COST: 25.00 for a bundle of 12 note-cards with envelopes:
 This price includes shipping in the U.S.only

Each photo is mounted on quality note card paper and includes envelopes for your convenience. All bundles come " gift wrapped ". See example below.

Now available at my FarmMade Shop!

 Thank so much for your interest in our original note cards. Larger sizes available
 ( up to 11x14 )  upon request!

Email us @ 
for more information or to request larger sizes.


Anonymous said...

You are one talented photographer Farmgirl Deb! Your handcrafted note cards are so cheerful and fun!

Unknown said...

Ah, thank you Amber!!! I hope the lucky recipient who wins them thinks so too! :)

Patricia said...

Amazing how much you get done! Are you just that self motivated or ? What is the secret?

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