Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A Homemade Christmas

I think I love the first few days after Christmas even more than the days leading up to it. It feels good to have the hustle bustle behind me, to slow down and savoir quiet moments here at home with my family.  I'm still enjoying the tree, and all our holiday decorations too.

Soon enough it will be time to put it all away and move on with a New Year. 
As always, I have BIG PLANS a brewin' but I'm not ready to hatch them just yet. I'm still relishing our cozy nest and this welcomed breather. 

                       Here are some of the highlights of our homemade Christmas this year!

Our daughter crocheted two scarves for her grandmother's and a pretty little coin purse for me with a fancy sparkly button. 

Our son created homemade cards (with sweet sentiments written inside each one )  made with wall-paper samples destined for the trash before Boz scooped them up knowing they would make for some thrifty and elegant wrapping paper! 

We had a vintage photo of my husbands father's family homestead from 1924 retouched and enlarged for family members and one for ourselves too. 

 I gave a few bundles of Dandelion House note cards as gifts too!

 The best gifts are those made with human hands straight from the heart. Having the time to relax and enjoy them is even better! Here's hoping you are catching your breath from a busy holiday season and finding time to enjoy each other and the comforts of home.

Max is diggin' the down time too! 

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