Friday, January 11, 2013

Farmgirl Friday Blog Hop # 91

It's time to open up the barn doors once again and give a BIG howdy to all of your farmgirl/boy friends on the Farmgirl Friday Blog Hop # 91! Before we get going I just wanted to say, thanks so much for all the love while we were under the weather! We are all on the mend and ready for the new year!

Your FARMGIRL FRIDAY Hostesses welcome one and all!  

Heidi of My Simple Country Living 
and White Wolf Summit Farmgirl Blog
Dolly of Hibiscus House and Dolly is Cooking and me of course!

 Farmgirls love anything to do with homesteading, keeping chicken's, embroidering, sewing, knitting, spinning, quilting, natural home remedies for health care and cleaning, horses, goats, cows, organic gardening and cooking, caring for their loved ones and friends and are community minded. Re-purposing and UP-cycling are high on their list of " fun things to do too! "FARM-BOYS like to join in from time to time and we are glad to have'm.

Now for this weeks features! THE " KINES' HAVE IT! What's that? You don't know what a " kine " is? Well, neither did I until I read a fun post by MaryJane on her raising jane blog about a new word she'd learned last week. A word ALL farmgirls would surely have heard of. Specifically those who covet and keep cows. Go read her post! You'll love it!

" A happy heifer at the milking station "~ from Animal Instincts at Tail Gait Farm and Cow Pie!

Teresa of Eden Hill's Blog takes us on a " go check the cow's walk around her farm "

We also met up with " The Ranch Wife " for daily chores with the herd!

PS. Who's going to become my 500th follower today? I'm holding at 499... Won't you join us? I promise, you'll love it here!

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