Thursday, May 23, 2013

Painting Progress Report ( Duck Egg Blue )

Good morning all! Today might be the first time I post twice in one day since starting my blog in 2009! I'm reporting in with my painting progress from yesterday.  

I have to tell you I am IN LOVE with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint !!! I've been painting furniture for years and this paint has renewed my passion for painting again. I'm loving the results ( so far ) on my vintage a china cabinet.
At first I was going to trim all the details and frame in old white then wax it with a mix if clear and dark wax, but as I painted I loved how the original wood finish looked underneath so I  just kept playing until I liked it.

I literally slapped the paint on the legs and I love how it looks so spattered and worn.

I also love the wood tones in this molding trim along the bottom of the piece so I'm leav'n it like it is...

ASCP dries quickly, but not too quick allowing the artist to play and experiment with different techniques. If the paint gets too thick for smooth brush strokes just add water and you're back in business plus you can mix the paint and customize your own tints!

 I'm off to do a little more painting, rubbing, sanding and waxing. No, not my eyebrows,  the china cabinet! You guy's are too much!
What do you think so far? I'll be back later on with the final report on this lovely lady!


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