Wednesday, May 1, 2013


Please tell me I'm not the only one who feels the rush of spring on my heels. It's as if all that energy for a new season of growing is pushing through the surface of the earth and seeping into the soles of my feet! There's so much to do!!!The best thing to do is to give in and dig in! I've started planting the dahlia tubers now that the weather is more steadily warm. I've purchased a few new dinner plate varieties to replace the tubers that didn't survive their stay in my basement over the winter... Many of them became moldy and simply dried up. I guess if you lived in a basement that would happen to you too!

Here's one that made it! See the little eyes? Those are new stems forming! I learned last year that even if you plant your tubers upside down ( stock facing down ) the new shoots will eventually find their way to the surface! It'll be about 8 weeks until we have dahlia blooms but it's worth the wait!

I ordered my seeds from Renee's Garden Seeds this year ( no GMO's ) because of the amazing variety. I'm going to attempt Sweet Peas this year. Love the vibrant shades of these red and purple blooms above.
Sweet Pea's are climbers so I've gussied up some bamboo tee pees with black spray paint to create a little drama in the garden this summer!

I'm going overboard with Zinnias

and morning glories too!

And, I uncovered some old shutters I picked at a yard sale several years back that I think will be a great addition on the little red hen house! What do you think? Yay or Nay?

Here's wishing you the best of SPRING RUSH on your ole homestead too!

What are you trying in your garden for the first time this year? What are your favorite tried and true flowers that you can't live without?

This obsessed flowergirl wants to know!

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