Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Rusty Redo~ Chicken Feeder Flower Garden

 Today started out wet and cloudy after a full day of rain yesterday.  It finally cleared late this afternoon and I promptly went out do get started on a fun container garden I've been wanting to get to.
  One of the very first estate sales Boz and I went to this spring was located on an old farm. The property consisted of the house, a huge barn with greenhouse and a very large chicken coop. By the size of it one could only imagine that they raised chickens for meat and eggs as part of their farm business.
 I didn't have much on my list that day but one thing I hoped to find was an antique/vintage chicken feeder. I was actually more excited to check out the chicken coop more than the house!  Lady luck was with me because it's the first thing I saw and bought. I don't need it for feeding my girls. I wanted one to use as a planter! 

See the little openings all in a row? They're perfect for plopping in pansies. This particular feeder is two sided with an opening in the middle. It must have hung down the center of the coop so the hens could feed from both sides.
 Pansies seem to be more popular than ever this year and I can see why. They have the cutest little faces and come in the prettiest variety of colors too.

How to plant my chicken feeder was a no brainer. I just plopped on plant per opening into both sides of the feeder then added soil into the middle of it until the plants on the sides were covered and I had enough of a base to add the top layer of pansies to the feeder.

homemade compost

 Now it's spilling over with pansies and the girls are going no where near it!

The pansies look a little droopy here, but with some water and sunshine they'll perk up in a few days.

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