Thursday, August 22, 2013


Is there anything better for someone who has just had surgery or is recovering from an illness than receiving flowers?  Okay, well maybe a milkshake is right up there getting a bouquet of Get Well Flowers, but not much else can top those two things when your on your back and can't do much of anything but dream of when you'll be on your own two feet again. That's my mom right now.
My mama had her hip replaced yesterday and you can bet I was there with flowers in hand when she woke up in her room yesterday afternoon. ( She wasn't ready for a milk shake yet ) 

 I knew that flowers alone in the vase wouldn't quite cut the mustard for my mom. She's a sparkly gal when she's feeling on top and she loves her bling so I gave her a little rhinestone pin on the burlap ribbon I made to hold her over until she can get gussied up again! 

I love being able to head out the garden and cut flowers for someone else to ooh and ah over them!

PS. My mom is doing great! Thanks to all for your well wishes on Facebook and my blog yesterday! 

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