Wednesday, August 21, 2013

My FREE Side of the Road Find

 FREE I tells ya!
 Do you swerve your vehicle with the reckless abandon of a woman on the loose when you spot one of " these " out of your window?

That's exactly what I did when I drove into my moms neighborhood to stay the night with her this week cuz she had hip replacement surgery today. She did great and is resting comfortably tonight. I'm a little pooped, it was a long day of sitting on my tookus waiting and reading, then waiting and reading some more. But, I'm so excited about my find ( which was still bouncing around in the back of the car on the way to the hospital this morning) I had to post tonight!

Isn't it purty? I love the industrial vibe this vintage GraybaR Rotary Sewing Machine has don't you? I'd never seen one like this before! It's not as pretty as some of the very ornate antique Singer sewing machines but it has something special none the less. What little googling I did I learned it's most likely from the 1950's. It came with all the cords and foot petal and there's not an ounce of dust or rust on the machine itself. I still need to plug er in to see if it works! Don't get your hopes up on the cabinet. It's not so pretty. Remember avocado green with antiquing stain over the top from the 1970's? I'm pretty sure my mom painted a dresser for one of my brothers in this exact color.

What do you think? Needs some love doesn't it? 

I love the vintage handles though!
Well, now you've seen the best and the worst of my latest FREE FIND!

 Help me decide what ASCP color to paint her! 

 Arles Yellow, Duck Egg Blue, Old White, Emperor Silk ( Red ) Barcelona Orange or how romantic would Scandinavian Pink be?

 You might say it was a good day all around! Mom got a new hip and I got a new piece of the past for Burlap and Bling!
Thanks for listen'n! 

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