Friday, September 11, 2009

ART Day with friends~ Clay and Crystals

On a rainy day in June we invited our friend Carolyn and crew over for some jewelry making fun, snacks and laughter...
You never know where you will meet an " artist"!

It was in the stands during our children's baseball games that we got acquainted.
I shared my portfolio of Hand Painted Furniture with
her and she said,"I make jewelry"! At the next game she was wearing one of her beautiful pieces which instantly got our attention! Our daughter expressed an interest in learning how to make the beautiful beads she was wearing as well as how to finish her pieces more professionally. Carolyn was happy to offer her time and expertise! She was also kind enough to give Nicolette and I some of her finished pieces which are featured here.
What I love about Carolyn's work is that her beads look like glass! When I learned they were made from Sculpy clay I was very impressed and wanted to know more about how they were made. I also love the way that her pendents are interchangeable.

~Thanks Carolyn and crew for a great day!

Directions and supplies for making your own beads from Scuply Clay and Crystals.

Earrings: Sterling ear-wires & headpins purchased at Gem-o-rama in Norwell, MA.
2 clay heart shaped beads made by using a small cookie cutter and pink red and white Sculpy Clay

Necklace: Lobster clasp, jump-ring, Sterling headpin, ruby 4 or 6mm Swarovski crystals purchased at Gem-o-rama and large heart bead made from Sculpy clay.
Follow baking directions on Scuply packaging. Don't forget to poke a hole in your beads BEFORE you bake them. I use a headpin. After the Sculpy beads come out of the oven and cool, I sand them with wet/dry 400 sand paper with a little water in the bottom of a dish. Then sand them with wet/dry 600 sand paper then 800 wet/dry sand paper. Buff the bead on soft cloth, then apply some Future floor polish with a brush or even your finger. Let dry and repeat.
This last step is what gives your beads a beautiful glass like sheen!

How I Started Making Beads and Jewelry~ Carolyn Moore
My son Ben always needed to be busy. One day he asked me how to use Gimp (you know the stuff you make crafts with in summer camp) I had to tell him I was "gimp challenged". I could never figure the stuff out. I promised him I would try to learn so I could teach him. I typed "gimp challenged" into the search bar of the computer and apparently I was not the only one with the problem. I found out how to use the Gimp and Ben and I had lots of fun making key chains, bracelets and necklaces. Then we moved onto Hemp Cord with beads. I worked with Hemp Cord and beads for a while then came across beads and findings in Michael's and gave that a try. Ben used Sculpy Clay when he was in the hospital, he made me a beautiful mermaid with shells as her bathing suit. The Sculpy was white but you could paint it. We bought some when he came home and tried making some beads with it. We painted the first couple batches and then found colored Sculpy.
Carolyn is a Special Education Advocate and busy mom of 4 who finds creating jewelry fun, relaxing and healing. And a great way to keep her creative ideas flowing while spending time with her children~

The pieces featured in these photos are made with colored Scuply clay. Jewelry making "tools of the trade" and Sculpy clay are easily found at your local craft and beading stores.

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