Saturday, September 19, 2009

Summer Highlights

Summer is about to officially end and turn to fall... My favorite season (but more on that later.) I cannot officially say good-bye to summer with out sharing some of the seasons highlights!  My dear hubby, David Bosworth of Boz Scenes Photography captured some glorious comin's and goin's of the sun! This one, called Day Break was taken on the morning of September 7'th. I  would never have seen it if it wasn't for the early riser himself running out to capture the first light of the day... No, I prefer to stay snug in bed ,warm and cozy with coffee and my Mary Janes Farm magazine. So this post is for those of you who think it would be NEAT to see the sun rise but just can't make yourself crawl out of bed and ACTUALLY DO IT...

A big THANK YOU goes out to the resident photographer for capturing this seasons most glorious  Summer Highlights.

SORRY, we can't tell you where these photo's were taken... That's OUR secret!

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Unknown said...

Keep scrolling for more Photo's!!!

Deborah Jean~

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