Friday, January 29, 2010

Impossible Puzzles

O.k.... It's the end of January.....It's cold, it's too early to do anything but daydream about gardening, and my head is foggy from too much sugar, carbs and COLD!  How about you?
I got the bug to pick up a puzzle over the holiday break thinking it would be fun to spread  it out on the end of the dining room table and see if I could draw any one  away from their " screens" for a little old fashioned quality puzzle time together. You see, we aren't really puzzle people...
Not really, but I was feeling inspired about doing one so off to Borders Books we went in search of the perfect puzzle to tackle over a lazy weekend.  It wasn't long before I found it! Or it found me!

The colors and shapes jumped off of the shelf screaming pick me, pick me!!!

I couldn't wait to get it home and unleash all those beautiful shapes and colors!

Sure enough, once we unpacked all the pieces and spread them out on the table, one by one people joined in! Our daughter and a friend worked on a couple of  the inside sections for a while. A little later on, here came hubby... He got started on the outside edges while I worked on grouping the pieces by colors.

This is no ordinary puzzle. The artist Alex Beard created it so you can put it together as it is pictured on the box or you can make your own designs.  Being the artsy fartsy gal I am I just loved this aspect! I mean, what fun is it if you do a puzzle then take it all apart and do it  all again same way? The Impossible Puzzle lets you create your own original design using the same pieces! I love the re-usable aspect of it too!
Well, I'm happy to report my little plan worked! It took us a couple of days to complete the puzzle and everyone had a hand in it! It was challenging, fun and a great thing to do together during the lazy days of January.
I think the artist is BRILLIANT  so go check out his web site to learn more about his amazing art and Impossible Puzzles.

We're heading out to Borders  to get the "Fishes"  puzzle... It looks like February is going to be a COLD one and we miss the BEACH!

An inspirational puzzle quote~
"When we begin life, we are all given a puzzle -- each one very different, yet special. As we continue through our lives, we meet people and have some type of affect upon their life, as they do on ours. We share with them a piece of our puzzle and they share a piece of theirs, with us, in return. No matter what type of impact they had upon our life, we still carry along with us, a piece of their puzzle. Meaning that everyone we encounter has a special impact upon our lives, because they have shaped us into what we are today. This is called the puzzle of life. Each puzzle growing and changing throughout our lives, but always becoming better and always having the same foundational pieces. Know that you DO make a difference in peoples lives! I thank you for sharing part of your puzzle with me!" - Erin Bridget Doyle

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