Monday, February 1, 2010

February's Gift~

  september rose

What's NOT to love about February?

This issue of Dandelion House is your "from the heart" issue.  February can be so much more than the month of Romance, Roses and Chocolate if we give it half a chance. February's gift gives us the time to reflect on all that we love. It's the end of slow cooked meals, (comfort food ) baking galore, cozy nights under the blankets, marathon movie days and all those winter daydreams you have tucked away for safe keeping. It's the month before March madness begins ( and I'm not talking about basketball ) and the promise of a new gardening season waits. 

first blooms

While I wait patiently for the first sign of bright green grass and the buds on my crocus to burst open I'll be directing my attention to my " inside garden ". I have a tween and a teen who once were my little sprouts that bring me more joy than I can say! It's the little things I love. The sound of their laughter coming from the other room, the music they play, and the excitment we all feel when we learn something new together, or just the quiet -comfort when we are all home "doing our own thing".

beach lilacs

 My forever Valentine  who trusts  me to handle the grit and the glory on the Domestic Arts home front is my greatest gift of all. After all, if it wasn't for a little romance " once upon a time" I wouldn't be telling you this little tale now would I? He is my music maker and our personal photographer! He is always bringing home new tunes to enrich our lives here at home and capturing natures gifts through his own lenses.

We all cherish the gifts of family and friendship. In the quiet of February I like to pick up the phone or write a note to a loved one back home or (even near by) sending some much needed words of cheer or a little update! Old fashioned you say? Why not just email, text, twitter or facebook? I do that too, but there is just something special about the hand written note inside a pretty card. Don't you agree?

The best thing about my "inside garden" is that it loves me back! Even during the bleakest days of a New England February! It's what gets me through and lights the way for the warmer days ahead.

The passion we feel to persue our creative inspirations is a most treasured gift. So fan those inspirational flames and promise yourself to do more of what you LOVE~

cherished china

Pour yourself a cup of tea in your prettiest tea cup and take in all of "from the heart" .  Our own young writer in residence Nicolette Bosworth makes her writing debut with her story, " My Precious Guinea Pigs " a love story of sorts. February is our yearly reminder of all we hold dear and you won't want to miss our special piece on Keep Sakes and the fun art from the heart, creative recycling  project that goes with it! 
Come with me down memory lane in Follow your Heart, It will Lead you Home " as I  recall our early memories of why we chose the home schooling alternative for our children and how it has grown in our hearts and lives. 
 It's ART from the heart month at Dandelion House. Our featured artist  has a HUGE love affair going on with Mother Nature. Jack Dickerson's work is something to behold. He has a unique way of capturing the essence of a landscape that lets his optimism shine through in every one of his beautiful paintings. I know you'll LOVE his work too!

There are so many ways to love and be loved in February that you just might run out of days ( it's a short month ) so why not let them spill into all the months of the year?

beach road roses

Wishing you a garden of love and moments you will cherish forever beginning with February's Gift.

 Deborah Jean Bosworth 

What are your February Gifts?

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