Sunday, February 21, 2010

My Winter Garden~ in colour

You know the old saying,  " Don't mess with Mother Nature?" Well, I just couldn't help it.... Winters are long here in New England... Beautiful, CHARMING, and quaint, but LOOOONG....What's a girl to do?

Forever GREEN

 This is what happens when COLOR goes missing in my outside garden for too long...

I pretend!

Bathing Beauties

      Black Eyed Susans ~ in waiting

                                                                 Sleeping Yarrow

Clematis Awakening

WOW! That was fun! Fooling around with quick edit in our PHOTOSHOP  program was a blast! Our camera is a Nikon D70 SLR digital camera. I don't know much about it really... I just PLAY!
A new PASSION is born!

  Let not your hEART  be troubled....

                                 SPRING IS ON THE WAY!

 What have you been FOOLING AROUND with lately? ( creatively speaking ) :)

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