Thursday, May 6, 2010

Blithewold Mansion and Garden Tour

We visited Blithewold Mansion and Arboretum in Rhode Island last Sunday and I can hardly wait to show you the sites!

Located on Narragansett Bay, 25 minutes east of Providence and 60 minutes south of Boston, Blithewold is one of the finest garden estates in New England. Your exploration of Blithewold will include diverse gardens, specimen trees, and a 45-room English style manor house, all chronicling the rich social history of the lives of one family over a span of more than 80 years...Put on your walkin' shoes and let's get going!

     Daphne " Carol Mackie" or Daphne x burkwoodii ' Carol Mackie'

I wish you could smell this! As we left the visitors center and passed through the doors into the Rose Garden ( remember we were there for Daffodil Days so none of the roses were in bloom yet but it was a wonderful peak at spring blooming shrubs like this one) we got a whiff of the sweetest scent. Think lilac but a bit stronger...   

These little darlings ( forget me nots )  made a beautiful sweeping blue foundation for the many shrubs and perennials that are still  making their way to peak blooming time...

Instead of heading for the smaller flower gardens first we ventured out onto the open areas of the estate for a glance of the bay. Along the way  we saw a large variety of trees. They were clearly marked with proper names but I was more fascinated with the bark so that's what you get on my tour!

We made our way out of the trees in amazement and wondered into the Water Garden.

We could hear this guy croaking away as we entered the area. Tired yet? Here have a seat on this neat round stone bench!

O.k. rest time is over... On to the...

 where we found chicks and hens, sea pinks, columbine and a weeping Japanese maple!

What's up ahead? The

where the most amazing Tulips ever were in bloom...
When it comes to flowers, more is always better in my book so pull up a rock and sit a while... it's about to get real flowery...

These tulips were one thing on their own but grouped together they made a bold and
 playful COLOR statement in an otherwise very quiet time in this North Garden.

Well, here we are at the end of our tour! I hope you liked it as much as we did!
Fairy Days are coming up at Blithewold next week which is why this little Fairy Garden is inviting guests into the mansion... Sorry, no photos inside please... Inside the mansion we learned the story about the very fortunate family who occupied this residence over 80 years ago. I encourage you to dig a little deeper if this post has peeked your interest. We found it very inspiring indeed... and you can bet I have found a place in my garden to plant not one but two 'Carol Mackie' shrubs... I can still smell them!

A big thank you to my hubby for planning such wonderful early Mothers Day treat for all three mothers in his life!

What have you done lately to enrich and nourish your love of nature?


marcia said...

I love the long walkway amidst the trees...and the meandering path the best.
Of course, all the blooms are gorgeous too! A great place to visit.

Thanks for playing *Expand Your World* !

happy day!

Julia said...

Looks gorgeous! Hmm...maybe someday!

Julia said...

Have to say too, I love tree lined pathways as well, we call them 'tree tunnels'. And the fairy house is adorable!!!

Karen said...

That is absolutely beautiful.

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