Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sunday Stroll~ Dandelion House Garden Tour

A garden
promises to envelope our senses from our head to our toes doesn't it? Every season dishes up a new color palette, new textures, and new ways to contemplate our relationship with mother nature.

 It's mid- spring in our neck of the proverbial suburban garden plot and it was with great delight and anticipation that I ventured out into our modest work- in -progress garden, camera in hand to make new discoveries on my Sunday Stroll.

I've only recently become a fan ( albeit tepid ) of silk flowers. On the first day of spring I retrieved my $3.00 flea market wreath from the basement and promptly added every color and type of silk flower I could possibly stuff into it and proudly hung it on our front door announcing to the world, Spring is here!!! The jolt of color was a welcome burst of energy after a long winter and shouts loud and clear, brighter days are ahead!  Since I  have made friends with silk flowers, I've decided they make a fine substitute for the " real thing" while waiting with great anticipation for the color symphony I know lies ahead.

It starts with all things GREEN sprouting from the once frozen brown earth. I am always amazed how fast things grow from the first of May until now. It seems like yesterday I was jumping for joy over the smallest sign of new growth. 

 The brightly colored blossoms of early spring are long gone. Not missing a beat a wave of pink and purple has arrived picking up where they left off.

I learned something from my stroll in the garden today! As I walked slowly through the garden I noticed all that has miraculously happened in such a short few weeks ! It occurred to me how PERFECT mother nature is. She's always there with the promise of a new miracle if we can slow down enough to appreciate her.

Sure, there is plenty more to be done and more garden dreams to be sewn in our fertile little plot, but for today I am grateful for the beauty of the garden just as it is. PERFECT!

   Don't forget! Gardens are made for dreaming!

Visit the Quiet Country House to see who else is strolling today!


Marcie said...

Deb, Thank you! I enjoyed dreaming in your garden for a little while this morning! The garden is so pretty and hopeful at this time of year!

marcia said...

LOVE the colors in your know me and COLOR!

Yes! nature IS perfect and how much we can learn from being in tune with it is astounding.

I am in awe on a daily basis of the garden and our land, the plant growth, wildflowers and garden flowers blooming, new plants appearing, and all the delightful *visitors* as well.

Spring is sooo ALIVE!

Sharon Lovejoy said...

Even though we're on the road, I just HAD to stop in for a quick visit.

Thank you dear,


About Me... said...

Thanks for the beautiful tour...loved the bumblebee on the flowers.

Here in the west, we have so many months of NOT summer that I became a fan of silk flowers also. The new breed of artificial flowers are nothing like the old dime-store chintzy sort that comes to mind :o) They're very realistic and wild looking. I have touches of outdoor living all over my indoor living space.

Love your outlook. shery j

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