Friday, September 17, 2010

Another Summer Spent

"There comes a time when autumn asks, "What have you been doing all summer?"

Is it just me or did another summer just whiz by at warp speed?  It all started in the Garden. Our plants grew so fast this spring and summer. I knew if I hid outside I'd be able to watch them grow in fast-forward motion like you see on Discovery channel shows. I weeded, dressed and turned the soil, then planted a small veggie garden. I fluffed up my large perennial border with new additions and for a split second it was truly stunning.  The garden called out to me one day to take pictures and if it wasn't for our little photo shoot I would have to rely on my memory to show me the waves of color that appeared before me.

There was the early summer art show,

and the makings of Dandelion Workshop

 ( where we create )  

It was right about that time things really started to heat up.During mid summer things got a bit hazy and lazy...It was just too hot to even think some days! This summer was a doozy as far as heat and humidity goes here in the North East. I remember spending a fair amount of one week chasing down three small room air conditioners... You would have thought I was trying to get tickets to a Justin Beiber concert. No one with in a 50 mile radius had any to speak of. We finally got our cool air and some sleep to boot! But not until one of the precious units had slipped out of our sons hands ( from the second floor) as he was making some final adjustments to his installation. Whoops!

Yet as I looked back at our summer photos I'm amazed at how much fun, activity and relaxation we were able to cram into a 12 week period! Wasn't it just yesterday I felt the soft, cool beach sand between my toes for the first time in months? I vaguely remember how the crisp air felt on my skin and the smell of the ocean after it's long winter nap, discovering angel wing seashells, and long walks on the beach with my hubby and our faithful companion Max.

Boat rides, card games, community breakfasts, happy hours, botchee ball, birthday celebrations, kids games on the beach, read a thons, long naps and the lazy days of summer are almost over.

In other words...

Can you believe the sun has nearly set on another Summer?

 I'm savoring the last bit of light and energy September offers and hoping

 you're summer was SPENT with all you hold dear and new memories were made to last at least until you've finished your first cup of  HOT spiced apple cider!

“Autumn, the year's last, loveliest smile.”

~ William Cullen Bryant quotes

I'm ready.... how about you?



marcia said...

Summer went by way too fast. The older I get thew less I relish the humidity. ..or did I EVER relish it??? LOL

Autumn is on the verge with cool crisp air to give me more ambition to tackle projects inside and out,get animal habitats ready for winter( we're doing a bit of moving around and updating their habitats!), and also looking forward to that extra coziness with pillows,quilts, flannels sheets and down comforters!

happy day!

Anonymous said...

Hi Deb, I LOVELOVELOVE your most recent blog post. The photo collages are GRRRrrreat. I also love the Bryant of my favorites. Oh how I wish I could step into your photos!!
Yeppers, I am ready for autumn -- the beginnings of it are here already. My local farmgirls chapter had our sept. "hen party" last night. It'll be in the Cluck, the blog etc.
Happy Fall to you my friend in the east.

Anonymous said...

Debs - beautifully done....LOVE the photos -
Aunt Retts

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