Saturday, September 25, 2010

Happy GLORIOUS Autumn

It's Autumn! My absolute favorite season of the year... While I do love spring and summer, Autumn is MY season! I have an annual love affair with fall every year.

 The bright and  brilliant earth colors of fall energize me and feed my soul giving me a new appreciation for all the natural beauty of the season. Spring has it's own sense of awe inspiring wonders, and I relish the BEACH life in summer. But fall, to me anyway, is the grand finale! 

   I couldn't wait to put on my farmgirl hat and head outside to my little farm in the yard.
Come see how we have welcomed fall this year!

This years decorating began with the Barn Red Shed window box. I've mentioned before that I'm a new fan of silk flowers... It's just too damp to feel good about placing dried arrangements outside in our damp northeastern climate.

  I mixed some silk red maple leaf vines I purchased  at Michael's Craft Store on clearance ( for a buck ninety -nine ) with the bright green potato vine that's STILL flourishing. Then I added a sprig of wheat-like spiky plumes and a couple of bundles of silk flowers to fill out the arrangement.

This hand built WOODLAND BENCH our daughter made from wooden scraps and leftover pieces of cut wood sits beneath the window. It's the perfect spot to sit on a warm fall day!  

While I was feathering and fluffing the window box on the shed I overheard the " girls" clucking about how they'd enjoy some fixin' up around The Little RED Hen House too!

I found this old tin hanging basket in the shed, filled it with sunny colored silk flowers an hung it on the front of the poulet chalet.

The galvanized bucket is from our local feed store! They make great containers for potted plants and really bring out that " farmy " feeling in your garden. Even better if you have some that are aged a bit!

This little hay stack is all gussied up too!  

I placed a big pot of bright Red mums by our entry door. I love how the red contrasts against the weathered grey shingles.

Thoughts of the first fresh baked apple crisp, long walks, apple picking, and a visit to our favorite local farm stand to pick up more pumpkins for carving and baking are swirling in my head. Yep! We are off to a great start so far...

How do you welcome Glorious fall?

 If you're a dried flower gal pop over and see my friend Shery the MJFRanchblogger for some be u ti ful dried flower wreaths made by hand with her farmgirl sisters!


Anonymous said...

Oh Debbie, your newest fall blog is ABSOLUTELY delicious. I LOVE your red outbuildings....all if it is just TOO pretty. Thanks for the fall fix. We're in grass country and we don't get the palette of color that you folks do that have trees. BUT, my galpals and I are going to the Buffalo Roundup art fair this weekend in the nearby Black Hills and it will be really pretty...lots of Aspen and colorful shrubbery.
Happy Fall girlfriend.

Anonymous said...

OMG!! That is so beautiful!!! An I LOVED the way you photographed it against
the red and the cascading flowers and corn stalk - you truly are so incredibly artistic!!!!
Loved Nicolette's attention to detail re. the top of the bench - truly inspiring!!!

sarah-jane down the lane said...

Hi Deborah,

Thank you so much for visiting me, it's lovely to meet you.I love to see the seasons unfold around the world so it's brilliant to see your blog,

Sarah x

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