Saturday, February 26, 2011

Saturday Scenes with Boz

   " Rosy Outlook "
A Saturday Scene for your enjoyment~ 
Thanks for looking,


marcia said...

Love the photo and the beach roses! Is that your cottage?

happy day!

Unknown said...

Thank you! That cottage sits on the long dirt road to our cottage. :)
I love all the Pinky tones Boz captured in this photo!
Enjoy this ( not so spring like ) day!

Faith said... is the stuff dreams are made of....happy day to you.....

Pamela said...

Just what my snow weary eyes needed this morning. I enjoyed the photo. Thank you for sharing it.

Sonya@Beyond the Screen Door said...

What a stunning shot! This cottage just captures the imagination, doesn't it? Makes me think of a setting for a great book or movie! Or maybe I just need a vacation! LOL!

Julia said...

Beautiful! I want to walk that pathway!

Zuzana said...

Oh wow, this image made me so happy, there is a gentle warmth and tranquility in it. Standing there in that spot, I could probably stand there for an eternity, never wanting to leave.
The blooming rose hips are so significant of summer beaches here.)

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