Sunday, February 13, 2011

Parcel Post ~ special delivery

Imagine my excitement when I went to collect the mail yesterday and found a box addressed to me from Julia of Turner Hill Tea. Yes! The same Julia who I did a blog post for last week.

Never did I expect such a lovely gift from someone whom I've never met in person. This is indeed my first gift from a fellow blog sister. And what a gift it is! It's just delightful from the hand written thank you note on the back of the oak tag ( you're most welcome Julia, it was my pleasure) to the colorful shredded paper packaging inside.

 Julia sent me a sampling of  Cupid's Blend along with a rose covered tea cup that's the perfect partner to my tea pot for one.

Now it's my turn to say...

from the bottom of my blogger HEART! The tea is de-lish, the cup is beautiful and I'll forever be grateful for your generous gift! You made my day!


Anonymous said...

My have a nack for the beautiful. Well done!
Love from

Julia said...

You are most welcome! I am so pleased it made your day. How fun that your teapot and the cup match nicely. Enjoy my friend!

Zuzana said...

Gifts from blog friends are the best - what a delightful teacup and teapot.;)
Enjoy your cupid blend and have a fantastic and romantic Valentines.;))

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