Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Fool the eye FAUX headboards

Today I'm sharing a fun, budget friendly way to decorate your bedrooms with some hand painted whimsy!

These fool the eye hand painted headboards were a temporary fix for rooms I knew we would be changing as our daughter grew up and the need for a den/school/music room  finally over ruled the guest room! Both headboards are painted in a loose free hand style. I used a real bed post to outline the posts ( with a pencil ) on the red bed above. I used acrylic craft paint in red and antique gold for the accents and " pretend shadowing ".
When my mother came to visit, she said she used to try and grab the rails to help her out of bed, but there was nothing to grab on to!

I was inspired by a children's book illustration for the shape and size of this headboard. I used the colors and patterns from our daughters quilt for the designs.

* These two headboards cost under 15.00 to create. The only thing I had to purchase was craft paint and a few new brushes! 

I'm linking up to Whassup Wedneday with Elements Interiors and Wow us Wednesday over at Southern Savvy Style!


Brenda said...

Very creative! What a great idea.

Julia said...

Those are great! I need to do that upstairs in my two guest rooms, as neither one has a headboard. Hmmm

Beverly said...

You are very talented.. creative idea. Thanks for stopping by and leaving such sweet commments

Zuzana said...

What a great idea, I might just do this myself, I always wanted a headboard.;))
Did I tell you by the way that I love Dandelions? I think they are so significant of late spring early summer.;))I recall as a child that the meadows in Slovakia were littered with them and we used to pick them and make head wreaths.;)

On another note - thank you so much for your kind comment on my *footprints* post, your words are very much appreciated,

Judith @ Lavender Cottage said...

This is a novel idea, your creations are very nice.
Thanks for visiting and I was anxious to see what Karen did for your blog too - worth every penny for sure! I didn't go with a button because I'm not sure how important they are, do they actually play a role for one's blog?

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