Monday, November 7, 2011

The Dunbar Tea Room

Tea anyone? Do you have a favorite Tea Shop or Tea Room you like to go to in your area? I'll admit, it's a very special treat when I visit my favorite one in Sandwich, MA. so much so that I'm going to take you there to see it for yourself! It was just a few weeks ago when my mom, my Aunt ( visiting from Nevada ) and I went for a birthday lunch! We all have November birthdays so we celebrated early!

Wait until you see inside!

The shop is filled with teas, ( loose and bagged ) from around the world and plenty of china to go with it!

There's even an entire room off to the side filled with smaller tea sets perfect for the young lady in your house!

The Dunbar Tea Room serves lunch and traditional Afternoon Tea as well.

The intimate dining room radiates warmth with it's cozy fireplace and golden pine plank walls.

What Tea luncheon would be complete without cake?

Vanilla Cake
Peppermint Brownie

Both were yummy!

Here's hoping you have a moment to steal in your favorite Tea House soon!
Cozy tea pot and a cuppa

If you ever find yourself in Sandwich, MA. on Cape Cod The Dunbar Tea Room is a must!


Melanie said...

What a wonderful place to visit! Thank you for sharing with us, loving the blue and white tea pot! Wishing that we had a tea room here, you are lucky. The pictures you have shared are lovely. Thank you again for sharing with us.

Farming On Faith said...

What a fun place to visit!

I going to make me some tea right now~ seems I amy be coming down with a cold!

Julia said...

Well you know I would have loved to have gone with you!Looks divine! Nothing better than afternoon tea!

I wish I had the means to open a tea shop. There are none close by, have to go an hour or more.

Candy C. said...

The closest tea room to me is the Chantilly Tea Room in Tucson. Sounds very much like the Dunbar. I just love going with a group of girlfriends for high tea! :)

Tilly's Nest said...

What a lovely post! We should meet there some afternoon for tea :)

Unknown said...

Melanie, Thank you! So glad you enjoyed this post!

Thank you Farming on Faith, I hope your feel better soon!

Julia, you can come have tea anytime! I wish you could open up a place of your own too! It would be a wonderful place to be!

Candy, High Tea with friends is always great!

Melissa, name the time and we are there! I would love it. :)

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