Sunday, January 8, 2012

Meet Karen Valentine

***Valentine Design....Custom Blog Design

Have you met Karen Valentine? She's one of those WOW bloggers. You know, the kind that when you open their web page you say right out loud WOW! Yep, she's that good and she's also my blog designer! I'm giving her a shout out today because I want you to meet her too! Not only did she help me realize one of my main blogging goals for 2011 when she created my new blog design for Dandelion House, but she's been there for me ALL YEAR as I've needed little changes as well. Every time I contact her with a change I need she replies back  the very same day, usually with in the hour!

She has a special gift for capturing just the look you're after with minimal communication. We exchanged some emails and a few conversations on the phone about what I had in mind and she went to work creating this look for me. What's fun about working with Karen is that she really strives to create a blog design that speaks to your heart. So everyday when you open up your blog you'll smile and be happy with what you see!

This is the latest little tab she created for me to add to my side bar. And below is my new Add button!

 She gives me advice on placement, wording and operating in blogger. She is just wonderful to work with, reasonably priced, professional and AVAILABLE for all of your blog design needs long after you purchase your new Blog Design!  

Blog design is a personal thing and should reflect your taste and ideas.
If a new Blog Design is on your goals list for 2012 go see Karen and get in contact with her about making the blog changes you desire for the coming year and beyond!

You Deserve a Beautiful Blog~ Karen Valentine


Karen Valentine said...

Oh Deb, thanks so much for that wonderful shout out!!! You are so sweet to do that I really appreciate it! It's wonderful gals like you that make me love what I do!! I wish you all the best in the coming year. May it bring you new friends, new experiences and new wonderful opportunities!

Country Gal said...

Looks awesome . I will have to check that site out ! I follow another site Susan Branch hers is a WOW facter as well ! Have a nice day !

Farmgirl Heidi said...

Thanks for this important information Deb. I LOVE how your blog looks. I may be contacting Karen in the near future.

Zuzana said...

What a talented lady and I totally agree, a blog design truly reflects what the blogger is all about.;) That is why i design my own backgrounds and templates.;)
Therefore must add that yours is stunning.;)
Have a lovely Monday dear Deborah,

Manuela@A Cultivated Nest said...

Well your blog design looks great so I can see she's very talented. Plus, it's wonderful that she's been available to you all year. I've had THE worst time with blog designers (but I'm on Wordpress).

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