Monday, February 20, 2012

Simply Charming

Flower Handbag and bling key chain 
It's that time of year... just before the arrival of spring when a well of energy begins to swell up inside of us waiting for the perfect time to erupt like spring bulbs in the garden! Many people start to feel restless, agitated and just plain uncomfortable. Don't panic, your world is not coming to an end; you're just waking up from a long winters nap hungry for a change of scenery! Even we homebodies yearn for something different during the last days of winter. Just taking a different route to the supermarket, or a friends house can lift your spirits! Anything new, especially small, simple things are fodder for revving up your spring engine!

Watercolor print  scarf 
Friends of mine recently introduced me to a new store called CHARMING CHARLIE . My shopping weaknesses are not shoes, purses, and clothes. I'm one of those gals who shops when I need something for a special occasion or when a new season arrives and I want to add a few FUN things to my wardrobe. But, every now and then I get excited about a new place to shop! CHARMING CHARLIE was founded in Texas in 2004 and boy and I glad it's made it's way to the northeast! 

Vinyl BOOK or BEACH bag! 
CHARMING CHARLIE focuses on  fashions and accessories that will take your basic jeans, a long sleeve Tee or your favorite blouse to a whole new level! It's glitter and glam galore! The store displays everything in color families making it easy be your own designer.  

Notice the flower theme in my new treasures? I'm determined to have more BLOOMS inside AND out.

Why not get out there and find a little somethin', something' to jump start your spring! 

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Candy C. said...

Cute, cute, cute!! :)

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